Members of the Sandrick Family have proudly served the Whiting community since the 1930s.  We are located in beautiful downtown Whiting right across the street from City Hall.  Our building was captured during one of the popular "Cruise Nights" by Mitchell A. Markowitz.


Society of Certified Senior Advisors (SCSA) is the world's largest membership organization educating and certifying professionals who serve seniors.  You deserve professional senior advice.  Jim has been a Certified Senior Advisor since 1999.  To find out more about the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, go to


and You Should Too!​​

     This is the title of a book by James E. Fox, CEP, CSA.  We have a copy in our office that we would be happy to loan to you.

     We, at Sandrick Financial, have an obligation to make sure guaranteed lifetime annuities are part of our financial planning process because of the wonderful peace of mind these products provide so my clients future will no longer be a mystery.  Guaranteed.!

     Many people need education on the difference between variable and indexed annuities Variables are expensive, fee-ladened products that can lose principle if the funds go down.  With indexed annuities, there is NO RISK.     Too good to be true!  No, because insurance companies have to place caps, spreads and participation rates on your annual account increases during the up years to protect their solvency, given that they are fully shouldering the risk of the down market.  These products are not designed to offer high returns like mutual funds and stocks, but they are designed so you will NOT have the risks like mutual funds and stocks and historically they have paid a higher yield than CDs and the like.

     One of the great features of the modern annuity is the income rider.  This rider gives the investor a guaranteed (YES, Guaranteed) income check for life.  They can also be designed for spousal continuation as well.  Remember, 25 percent will live to age ninety-seven.  Regardless of what age you live to, there will be a guaranteed income check similar to Social Security checks.  BUT the big difference is when the second person dies, whatever money is left in the annuity account will go to a named beneficiary.  The social security check stops.

​​Building Indiana is the largest business to business magazine in the State.  Early in 2015 I was invited to submit an article about what we do that is unique.  You can use the cover above to find the article which is on pages 30 and 31.

Over the years we have started three small businesses.  We went through the same historic process like everyone else, BUT, because my dad raised me to always look for ways to make improvements -  reducing taces while eliminating debt hit the top of the list.  We found more holistic solutions which you will learn about in my Building Indiana magazine article.  

Through one of our partners we offer a free evaluation of your business to show you the areas we can improve for you, your family and your employees.